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Euphoria is, aim, goal, the year of the opening.

Euphoria Games was founded in October 2021 since then our goal is to become one of the best blockchain-based gaming and betting platforms. Euphoria is a P2P gaming and betting platform built on the BNB Smart Chain. The platform includes a native token, betting, a variety of web-games and lottery.

  1. 1. Euphoria betting is

    A cocktail combination of Web 3 and pure P2P solves all of the disadvantages of other betting platforms such as: hidden filtered algorithms, all bookmakers offer odds with an already built-in percentage of their margin, limits on bets, and outdated payment methods.

    Since Euphoria is a P2P blockchain-based platform all the conditions of winnings are written on Smart contracts, therefore, there is no unfair winning or vice versa - losing! Users can place bets against each other consequently no hidden commissions or margins from bookmakers or the platform.

    Another point is that placing bets on Euphoria is fast and straightforward. All you need to do is connect your Metamask wallet on the platform using BNB Chain (BSC).

  2. 2. Can you place bets with crypto, how, why?

    For an inexperienced user there is no difference between using cryptocurrency or any other currency to pay for placing bets. However, the news about implementation of cryptocurrency into sportsbooks and bets was pleasant for all the bettors.

  3. 3. How to buy?

    The process of purchasing EUPH token is quite simple. All you need is Metamask with BUSD and BNB on it.

    Go to Pancakeswap either press “Buy-Swap Token” button at the top of the Main Page.

    Enter the amount and buy it!

  4. 4. Safety and legality

    Euphoria had been audited by Hexens company which states that Euphoria Games is safe and legal. Therefore, Euphoria is trusted and since everything is written on Smart Contacts all the bets and transactions are transparent and safe.

  5. 5. Can I bet with other crypto?

    As Euphoria Games has its own native token EUPH there is no other crypto accepted on the platform. Different from any other platforms we do not convert your assets into feats with outdated prices, we use only EUPH tokens in order to not lose on the difference.

  6. 6. Bonuses

    We provide you with a referral program with which you can invite your friends to place bets and get rewarded with EUPH tokens.

  7. 7. Advantages

    • Usage of cryptocurrency lowers fee spendings for businesses and individuals since it cuts middle man, such as banks.
    • Cryptocurrency creates a high degree of privacy since all the transactions made on a blockchain are anonymous.
    • The fact that cryptocurrencies are not bonded to any country unlike USD or EUR since it is decentralized therefore there is no fear about political or economical troubles of a certain country.
    • Cryptocurrency transactions are much faster than regular banking transactions.
    • Another benefit is that Euphoria charges the lowest fees and does not include any hidden margins since Betting is P2P only and we provide you only a platform for placing bets against other real users.
  8. 8. Disadvantages

    Cryptocurrency is known for its extremely volatile price, it can go up and down depending on the day.

  9. 9. What sports can I bet with EUPH?

    Users of the Euphoria Games platform can place bets on any kind of sport presented on the platform. Our team always works on the improvements of the platform and adding different and interesting kinds of sports. Currently football is available, in the short term cyber sport and tennis will be added as well.

  10. Most popular sports

    • Football (soccer).The most popular sport in the world, placing bets on any match is available including small league.
    • Basketball. The most popular type of sport in the USA, placing bets on basketball is extremely popular worldwide.
    • Tennis. Due to the high volume of events in each year, more people are getting interested in online tennis betting.
    • Cybersport There are plenty of games getting released every year therefore, cybersport has become one of the most popular sports to place bets on.
    • Boxing.Boxing has been the most popular sport for an extremely long period of time and still it is the most beloved sport among people.
  11. 10. Withdrawal

    Winning tokens will be sent to the Betting Balance. The user can either play again using this balance or withdraw tokens to the Metamask wallet, by clicking on the “Withdraw” button.

  12. 11. Do you provide sports betting API?

    No, we don’t since we have our own providers.





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